Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!!! A Week of Wonder!

Hello everybody! :) It's been a good week. We've seen so many miracles in our trio it's not even funny. Christmas was amazing, and even though we couldn't proselyte for a full three days, we still managed to have an amazing, fun, and successful week. As a zone, we had what I called the Week of Wonder, which is essentially a week where we look for the tender mercies God has sent us everywhere. For us here in Grand Falls it worked amazingly.

We had three different instances where people came up to us and asked us to meet with them. We also were able to put two people on date for baptism, which was our strenuous, but possible goal. :)

Miracles happened all throughout the zone, and I feel like it went pretty well. :)

Christmas was also fun, I got to Skype home, so that was cool.  :) 

Grand Falls is definitely one of my favorite areas I've served in. It's so fun, the members are unpredictably silly, and we have a good time and work hard. 

That's all that I have this week! Also there are sisters going to Gander, which is part of our area! Crazy!!

Love ya,

Elder Windloss!

From his mom:

His emails have been very short the last couple of weeks because of his added responsibilities.  I will add a little of what he shared with me.

Hey Mom!

Thanks for the Skype call, it was good to see you. I feel like this work has blessed my life forever. I have been able to see a great change in me since the beginning of my mission, and I'm so happy for what I've been able to become. 
Basically we just kind of hung out on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We were asked not to do missionary work, so it's been pretty boring. :) But I have enjoyed pondering about the Savior and what he means to me. I got the bear (Elder Biscuit) from the Christmas Zone Conference for a White Elephant Gift. A Sister gave it to me. 

Yeah, Elder Kelley is awesome. I was his district leader in Hampton when we was in Saint John, and he actually went to Syracuse High! He likes running and is pretty fun. :) Looking forward to it! I loved the package.

I love you mom! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Elder Wanlass

Christmas morning!  

With a trio together there is bound to be a lot of presents under the tree.

The very middle of Newfoundland.

Playing with the selfie stick. 
(Elder Siepert and Elder Sortomme)

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