Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016: Wait....What?! That Quick, Eh?

Hello Everybody! Helder Wallace here! I hope you all had a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that 2015 was eventful for me, I cannot believe how fast it went by! Seriously, I can't believe it. :) 2 years really isn't that long at all.. which is super disturbing!

This week was kind of uneventful to start, mainly because on Monday it was P Day where we had a fun game night, Tuesday we had to move the sisters into their apartment in Gander, so we were out all day then as well, then after we helped the sisters get settled in, we then went back to Grand Falls. The next day we had to drive Elder Sortomme so he could catch his plane to PEI in Gander, and then we worked for the rest of the day, so that was a lot of fun, it gave Elder Siepert and I a chance to talk about what we wanted to accomplish this next transfer. We also listened to some of our favorite talks including "The Will of the Father" by Jeffrey R. Holland. I especially loved Thomas S. Monson's talk that he gave last General Conference on being an example of light and truth. It inspired me a lot.

New Year's was pretty quiet for us. Basically what happened is we fell asleep at 10:30, set an alarm for 11:58, and stayed up for the New Year watching fireworks outside our bedroom window. So that was cool. :)

On New Year's Day, we got to pick up our new companions and talk to each other about the area. My companion is named Elder Kelley. He is from West Point, and he actually went to Syracuse High, which is funny, because I lived in Syracuse! He loves to run, hike, camp, do pretty much anything outdoors, so that is pretty neat. He's been out a transfer longer than me, so he came out in the same group as Elder Taylor and Elder Bate. 

We started out essentially just pounding the pavement to find more people to teach. Elder Kelley and I talked to nearly 80 people in one day about the gospel, which is fantastic. We are going to be working as hard as we can to make good things happen in Grand Falls. We had one less active member and her boyfriend come to church yesterday, which is really cool because that added to our congregation! We had 12 this week, which was the most I've seen come at one time. That was pretty cool. :) We are going to start teaching the boyfriend. He is pentecostal, but wants to be baptized and get married in the temple to his girlfriend (nice goal!) He is very passionate about everything, so he gets a little loud sometimes. But that's okay. :) He will change.

Other than that, that's pretty much been our week. The church is definitely meant to grow here, and I feel like it will. :) I'm so excited for that.

Love you all!

Elder Wallace

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