Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Little Sister's Birthday Present....For Me.....

Well everybody!!! I'm sad to say it, but I'm leaving New Glasgow! My memory doesn't really remember this last week too well just because it's been nine days since the last P day, but we had a lot of fun!

I'm being transferred to Charlottetown, PEI! :) I'm super excited to go there, it is a beautiful place, especially in the summertime, so I'm very excited to serve the Lord there. It's going to be fun, I'm finally serving in a city rather than a town, so that'll be cool! :D Transfer letters came out on my sister Reagan's birthday! Happy Birthday to her! :)

Anyway, we went on a couple of exchanges in between today and last Monday, so that was fun. I'm so happy to be able to serve the Lord. :)

Sorry this letter was so short! Just know that we are teaching and finding people! :) It's going well! See ya next week on the island!!

Elder Wanlass

Who Knew That's All it Would Take!!!

(June 13, 2016)

Well, everybody, it's been a pretty fun week. We had a lot of good things happen in our area, and all we needed to do apparently, was be in our area for the week. It was a pretty good time today, we had some miracles happen, and we have a lot going on for this next week. :)

Monday was a nice relaxing day. We went knocking out in the country. Thorburn, NS to be exact. It was a pretty nice place, people would let us in to talk because none of them had ever seen missionaries before. We met one family out there who we hopefully will be able to teach. :) Here's to hoping!! Other than that it was a pretty simple P Day.

Tuesday was where things really started to get exciting. We started out the first hour of the morning by getting a new investigator, who was a referral we got while knocking. He was pretty cool, he is a jack of all trades kind of guy, he used to live in Alberta, and he works a lot. We are excited for him. He had learned that our church was the fastest growing in the world, and he had to figure out why. So cool! Later on that day we went to Antigonish to work there, and it went pretty well, we taught a lady who we knocked into on her patio. She was pretty nice and we are going to teach her tonight as well. She wants to know how she can be with her family forever. It was a really good day! We also taught a man that used to investigate the church, but was too busy at the time. His name is Ozzy, he is super funny and we feel like he will be a pretty good investigator to work with. He is seeking for additional purpose in his life.

Wednesday was District Meeting day in New Glasgow, so that was a relief. After that, we went park contacting because it was pretty sunny outside, and went to a dinner appointment with a member. She is just starting to come back, and her husband and her were so cool. I'm glad we got to meet them. :) after that we had a lesson with a kid that the Sisters had found in Thorburn. He is a pretty cool guy, he is very simple, and he is a pagan, which is pretty interesting. We are going to meet with him tomorrow. But he was pretty cool! :)

Thursday was another great day. We had exchanges with the Truro Elders, and they came to our area. We split off and Elder Lerminez and I went to Antigonish while Elder Hunt stayed in New Glasgow with Elder Alger. It was a good time. We learned a lot on the exchange, and we ended up teaching a really solid YSA age girl! She's so cool! She's loving the Book of Mormon and it's good to hear that she is enjoying it.

Friday was a little scattered, but it was still a good planning day and we worked hard in Trenton for a while.

Saturday we helped a family with their insulation and ceilings, so that was fun. I got to put insulation into the walls, since I'm a little shorter, but it was fun. We also had a really successful primary activity that was a blast too, and we had a lot of less active members come.

It's just been a very fulfilling week this week. I'm so glad I get to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I love the gospel, and I love how much it has helped me in my life. I love being a missionary. :) I'll talk to you next Wednesday! :)

Elder Wanlass

New Glasgow....I think that's our Area....Right?

(June 6, 2016)

Hello everybody! This is Elder Wanlass! :D This week has been absolutely crazy. We've traveled so much it's not even funny. Elder Hunt and I have had less time this week to proselyte in our own area than we had outside of our area, so that's pretty insane. A lot of it was due to the meetings that we had, as well as exchanges with the assistants, so it's been pretty interesting.

I'll give you the lowdown:

Monday was our P Day, but around 7:30 we left to go to Halifax (1 1/2 hour drive) and we stayed the night there. It was a pretty good P day, we worked hard with what time we had, so that was fun. :)

Tuesday was a fun day. We spent it with the Assistants making travel plans and then working a little bit. There was a lot of rude people we met street contacting, but we had a few good conversations with people. At the end of the day, Elder Hunt and I drove back to New Glasgow at around 8 pm.

Wednesday we drove all the way up to Sydney, Cape Breton for District Meeting (3 hours) we met there and afterwards we drove back and got home at around 5pm (3 more hours), then we drove to Sackville, Nova Scotia and stayed the night there for a meeting we had with the Mission Leadership council on the following day. (1 1/2 drive)

Thursday we spent the day with the other zone leaders and STL's. We got to go to the temple, and it was amazing! :) I love the temple and the feelings I have when I go there. :) We had a meeting in Halifax for a good few hours (until 3:30), and then we got home at 6pm.

After that, we had a couple of regular work days, but it wasn't as spirited as it could have been due to the week just being so crazy. 

Sunday we had an amazing opportunity to go to Sackville, NB to hear Dale G. Renlund speak to the saints in the two stakes! It was so cool! I had an opportunity to see members of the church in all 5 of my areas that I've served in! :) Even from Grand Falls! It was such an amazing experience. Not only that, but I got to see most of my companions on my mission. (the ones who aren't home or in Newfoundland anyway.) It was pretty weird, it felt like a yearbook day in a way. Haha! :)

I love you all! It was good to see so many people I love this week! Next week will only improve things! :)

Elder Wanlass

Friday, June 3, 2016

Reap What You Sow, and Sew What You Rip and The Cabot Trail

Hello Everybody!!! This has been a decent week for me and for the NSN Zone! We had a pretty cool experience this week. Elder Hunt and I got to go on the Cabot Trail, which is an 8 hour scenic drive in Northern Nova Scotia (Cape Breton). It was so cool to drive and see the sunny places and the rough Atlantic Ocean as the day got later. Super sweet. My mom will no doubt have posted pictures of it at this point. I'll let the pictures do the talking for me.

Anyway, we got to serve in Sydney, Nova Scotia for a day, which was super cool! The atmosphere just feels really cool, and stuff is busy there. The area is made up of several decent sized towns and a city, so there is a quite a lot for two missionaries to handle by themselves. I worked with Elder Taufer, which was pretty cool since we went to Layton High together. It was a pretty good exchange and we got to know each other a lot better.

We also had an awesome district meeting and when we returned to New Glasgow there were bright green leaves on the trees! Up to this point the area had been full of dead looking trees, but as soon as we left they all bloomed! It's so gorgeous right now! 

I felt that I should also bring up that I taught myself how to sew this week! I have had several pants bust open in certain places, so I decided that I needed to make them last, so I learned how to sew. It doesn't look all that bad either, so I'm excited to get better over time. 

Other than that, we taught C. this week. She is doing pretty well, but due to a meeting we had with other missionaries we weren't able to get to our appointment with her in time. It was a little disappointing, but we were able to follow up with her reading and she has read 7 chapters since last week! It was so cool! She seemed a lot more interested in coming to church as well!

Anyway, that's pretty much all! I love you, stay strong and have a fanTASTic week! Bye!

Cabot Trail in Cape Breton

Standby...Cabot Trail

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Sorry everybody for the inconvenience. Due to Elder Wanlass being temporarily unavailable, there will not be an extremely long or meaningful letter this week. Elder Wanlass is in Cape Breton currently, under President Pratt's request, and he will be going on the Cabot Trail, a really cool scenic drive. :) He loves you all!

Elder Wanlass

Hey Mom!

I'm actually still on Cape Breton, and I don't have long to email, so it's perfectly acceptable that you letter is shorter this week. Mine probably will be a little shorter too. I don't even know if I'll get to do a good weekly email for everybody. Give them my apologies. Anyway, C. is doing well. We met with her this week and established some follow up. She is awesome. She seems very willing to come to church, and I'm excited for her to develop in the gospel. We met a new investigator named J., I messaged dad about her. You can ask him. We also met with T. and had an awesome lesson with him on faith. He has been lacking in purpose and has wanted to find more in his life, and we had an amazing spirit filled lesson. It was so simple, but we testified of how we came to know that the church was true, and he felt it. It was so cool.

Right now, the weather is pretty rainy. Cape Breton is usually like that, but it's been pretty warm this week. We got to take our suitcoats off.

As for funny things, we were street contacting in Antigonish and this lady who I stopped was WAY too happy to talk with us. She was in her late twenties and was really klutzy. But she said that she "Was a single mom with one child and that she was really cool." She also told me that her religion was based on a level up system. She was a Level 4 Healer...(a nurse) I was pretty surprised that that was her level, because she had been talking about it like she had been doing it her whole life, so I was expecting her to be like Level 80 or something...anyway that was really funny. We also talked with a former investigator who took the Bible very literally and was going to take a plane that week to hike the deserts of Israel without food or water because Jesus did it. That was odd. Elder Hunt and I got out of his house and he said: "D.'s freakin' weird!" It was really funny. :)

I have indeed been loving the people more. :)

Cabot Trail