Monday, January 25, 2016

Quit Being cold, If you Peas....Puddin' that is!

Hey everybody, this week hasn't been super eventful. :) We have been working hard and we are trying to see success here in Grand Falls. The people here are so awesome. :) It was a little slower unfortunately though.

We will keep going!

On Monday we had a hilarious family home evening with all of the active members in Grand Falls itself, which is Sister Borden, Sister Gear, Sister King, and Sister Scott. We watched the broadcast for young adults with them that President Nelson gave. It was so funny, beforehand there was an introduction, where they told everybody that President Nelson was 90+ years old with 93 great grandchildren. When the members heard that, they were astonished and wouldn't stop talking about it. So funny! :)

Tuesday we were going to go to St. John's, but because of a snow storm, it turned out we couldn't go. Another shockin' piece of information we received was that we were going to be the District Leaders for the Corner Brook District because of some health problems the Elders there were having... so that's too bad! Hopefully they will be able to get back up to Newfoundland quickly! 

Wednesday we had the opportunity to hear from the General Authorities on missionary work. It was amazing, and it helped me to gain a better perspective on what I need to be doing to help other people come unto Christ. It set the pace for the rest of our day, and we were able to have good conversations with many different people on the gospel. It was very spirit felt.

Thursday and Friday and Saturday were mostly days of finding and planning. We had a chance to go over to Sister Borden's for a famous Newfie dinner: Jigg's Dinner! It was so good, and we were able to have some good conversations with them about the temple and missionary work. :)

Sunday we were able to have 14 people make it to church, which was awesome! :)

Anyway, that was our week! Hope you all have a good one yourselves! Stay warm! :) It's only -1 F right now here! Not too bad.

Elder Walletless

I Think that is Elder Wanlass under that coat.  It looks like his eyes.  (From his mom)

Here is Elder Kelley my companion.

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