Saturday, December 19, 2015

An Unexpected Baptism

Hello everybody! Things have been pretty interesting here in Grand Falls. This week we had two people with baptismal dates drop us. :( We also just didn't have much time to work in our area overall. The highlight of the week for me was probably going to Corner Brook for an exchange. I got to work with Elder Sortomme. He was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot from the time we had together. 

Corner Brook is a very rocky, mountainous city. Much different than any area I've seen in the mission. Most areas don't have mountains, so I thought that was pretty cool. :) It is a lot bigger than Grand Falls! We got to do some street contacting (which, because of my areas, I haven't done too much.) and we got to teach a couple more people about the church. We also got to meet the sister's investigator Aleena.

So...Elder Sortomme and I had just gotten back from a knocking spree where we found 4 potential investigators! (doesn't happen too often) As we got in the car, we get a call from Elder Hardesty and Elder Siepert telling us to go fill the font. Something was going to happen. We were super confused...but President Pratt wanted us to do it. So naturally, even though we were told by other people not to do it, we followed President's instruction. Apparently Aleena was flying out to Kazahkstan (her home country), and was confused with the troubles in her life. President wanted us to get her baptized. That night! So, we set into action. We filled the font and invited members of the branch to the baptism, the elders in Grand Falls instructed us on what to do, and the sisters found Aleena and got her ready. In a miraculous way, everything aligned up perfectly for her to be baptized. :) It was a crazy experience, but that night she became the newest member of the church.

So with that, we were all exhausted. Such a neat experience to be a part of (though not in the moment.)

Anyway, after that, we also got some interesting news. There is a midtransfer happening, and Elder Hardesty won't be here in Grand Falls. I will be with Elder Siepert and Elder Sortomme for the next two weeks working in Grand Falls. 

What a change...

I know that the Lord inspires our leaders. We need to follow the prophet and other men and women who are called by him. What a blessing it is to live in this day.

I love you alll!

Elder Wonderless

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