Monday, August 31, 2015

Salutations to St. Stephen!

Hello one and all! This week was quite the adjustment, and I'm still figuring everything out, but I'm doing pretty well. :) St Stephen is a great place. There are a lot of tourists around this place, which makes for an interesting dynamic. Most of the towns around here are for tourists, which is pretty sweet. Places like St. Andrews, St. George, and Deer Island. :) I haven't been able to explore too much around Maine yet, but I'm actually in the states right now. I'm very excited to serve here and help the members and nonmembers come closer to Christ. 

This week was pretty bittersweet though. I loved the Hampton area, the people were so nice, the ward was awesome, and I got to meet so many amazing people. :) I'm especially going to miss our investigator Mike Durley, who has been making leaps and bounds. I'm also going to miss my companion Elder Taylor. He was a blast to serve with.

Anyhow, here in St Stephen we have a couple of investigators. We have one in Canada and the other is in the states. The hardest thing about serving in a bordertown is that your investigators have to be able to cross the border to come to church, which unfortunately, Our investigator Warren can't right now. We are meeting with him pretty consistently though, and we have a lesson with him later tonight.

Our other investigator named Sandra is doing pretty well. She has some health problems that keep her from coming to church sometimes, but she really does want to learn more about the savior and come closer to him.

Other than that, not much has happened! Just trying to get used to a new area with some new people and new missionaries to talk with :) It's gonna be a fun transfer!

Love you all!


Elder Wanlass :D

Saying goodbye on transfer day with Elder Taylor.

More wonderful families I said goodbye to in Hampton.

Welcome to New Brunswick from Maine.

The above four pictures Elder Bate and I our on a ferry headed to Deer Island.  Part of our area where members live.

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