Monday, August 3, 2015

The Most Exhausting Week of My Mission (so far)

Hello everybody! :) It's been a great week! :) We have been seeing so much success and so many good things happening in the Kennebecasis Valley. We found 4 new investigators, had nearly 10 lessons with the investigators we have now, and had one of our investigators come to sacrament meeting. It was so good :)

One of our investigators is named Mike. We found him street contacting in the middle of Sussex, which has never really been done before. He is a family man, and came to church this week. He wants to be baptized, and feels that this church is the true church. It's so cool to see how the Lord helps people to guide them in the right direction. I feel like he will be baptized, and I want to help get him to that point.

A couple of our investigators just aren't getting anywhere right now, so we will probably have to drop them unless they start keeping their commitments. We will see though.

We had a really cool miracle happen this week though. We ended up getting 23 referrals (names of people to go stop by to see if they are interested) which is insane! One of the members gave us one for this obscure and hidden house. He said that missionaries probably have never knocked it because it is hidden from the street view. We went to the apartment, and started knocking looking for one of the people he told us to. Literally, the first door we knocked on was this guy who was super interested. He wanted to read the Book of Mormon, and he started it as soon as he got it! He talked to his girlfriend, and she is interested too! :) It was so cool!

We returned for an appointment two days later, and he wasn't home, but his girlfriend was! We taught her about the restoration and she really wanted to read the Book of Mormon too! They have a car, so they can drive to church too. They are prepared! We will be teaching them a few times this week. It'll be another successful week next week as well! :)

Otherwise, we've just been super busy. We run into a lot of interesting people here in the Maritimes :) this week we street contacted somebody who called himself Kirk. As in Captain Kirk. He was really crazy and said his religion was in the jungle. :) so that was interesting.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Wanlass

"Nathan Drive"

Visiting with the Bursey's!  They are a great family in our ward.

Elder Taylor being funny.

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