Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Am Your Host- Elder Wanlass! (and the lamest email ever.)

Hello everybody! This week not much happened to be honest. Just finding and talking with People. This quite possibly might be one of the shortest letters I will ever write, to be honest. 

1. One of our recent converts named Al is a taxi driver and he talks to a lot of people about the gospel who need it. He came to us last Monday and gave us literally 40 names of people to go and stop by who might be interested! It was a neat experience! :) 

2. We had a google translate door conversation -  We had one pretty cool story. We were knocking and we found this one guy who couldn't speak any English. He was really friendly with us though. He didn't know who we were, so he ran over to his phone and got google translate. I had to type in what I wanted to say, and it translated into Romanian for him to read. Once he found out we taught about Jesus Christ, he let us right in and pointed to pictures of Jesus. He invited us back later. We are now friends on Facebook. :D

3. We had really good interviews with President Pratt and we talked about Charlottetown and things. :)

4. We got blue suits that we wore for a ward activity. They were donated to us by a member.  :) it was a lot of fun!

Thanks everybody, I promise this is going to be the shortest email I ever do!

Elder Wanlass

 Ward Party!!

 Elder McAteer and his wife are the Senior Missionary couple serving in our ward.  We love them!!

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