Monday, September 21, 2015

Zone Conference and a Week of Finding!

Hey everybody :) This week has been pretty good. Not too many exciting things happened, but we are working hard and trying to find more people to teach. Sorry I've been really bad with pictures, we just haven't had much happen. I'll try and take some today at the Chocolate Museum or something :) Anyhow...

This week we actually had a pretty good week, because we had a Zone Conference with Elder Perkins come! :) Elder Perkins is in the Seventy, and he spoke to us on how Preach My Gospel is so necessary for us in the mission field, as well as how to teach the Restoration more directly and with more purpose. It was really good and helped me reflect on what I could be doing better to teach the restoration with more boldness.

This week we found a few different people from all sorts of ways. We knocked into a couple people in St. George, New Brunswick. One is named Joy and she is Filipino. She let us in right away and just talked to us for a little bit. We asked her if she wanted to meet for a lesson and she gave us all her contact information, so that was pretty cool.

We also found a new investigator named Courtney in Calais. She let us in and had talked with missionaries before, and she was willing to have us come back. We taught her the restoration with one of the priests in our ward, and she really liked it. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, and wants to know that it is true. I think that she will have a lot of potential.

Other than that, not much else to talk about, I will get you more pictures soon enough. :)

Anyway, Bye!

Elder Wanlass

 President Pratt giving me a much needed massage.

Zone Conference with some of my friends.

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