Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'M ON THE EDGE! Of the Mission!

Hello everybody! This week was a pretty good week overall. We've seen some good things happen, and we had some fun this week too :) Our investigators are doing well overall. We weren't able to meet with as many people because our investigators were sick...but they are still reading the Book of Mormon, so that's good. We had some pretty interesting times this week as well.

I actually got to go to Fredericton this week for a little bit. We went on exchanges to Fredericton with the zone leaders. It was a great exchange, and I had a lot of fun :) A stake activity was actually going on, so I got to see members from Caribou and Hampton and St. Stephen! :) It was so good to say hi to some familiar faces :) I love them all!

We also had the opportunity to go all the way down to Eastport, Maine, which is on the very bottom boundary. Remember that time when I said that I was on the Northern boundary in Edmunston and Fort Kent? Well, now I'm on the southern boundary. We can literally see the end of the mission from one of the member's houses here. Crazy! :) 

In Eastport we were able to try out an amazing Lobster Pizza. :)

Anyway, moving on to actual missionary stuff, we picked up a new investigator this week named PJ Barnard. He is a really cool guy that we found in our records. He is very soft spoken, but wanted to meet with us. He doesn't really have a religious background, but he had wondered about prophets and about the purpose of life. Our first lesson with him was a little scattered, and he didn't talk as much as we were expecting him to.

Afterwards though he wrote a comment on our facebook saying that he was grateful for getting to learn from us. We are meeting with him again tonight. It should be a good lesson. :)

Sandra is doing pretty well...she still hasn't come to church, which is a little concerning...if she doesn't come soon we will have to drop her :( 

Anyway, the area is beautiful! We have talked with a few people who want to meet this next week :) so that'll be fun! :D

Anyhow, that's all I got this week. Thanks everybody! :D

Look who I ran into?  Sister Rebecca Stepp from my Caribou Ward.  She was at the Stake Activity in Fredericton.

Lobster Pizza!

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