Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moncton Once Again!

Hello everyone! This email might be a little shorter than my other normal length ones, but we'll see. :) I personally have had a really quick week. It's been scarily quick. Anyway, we have been doing pretty well here in New Glasgow. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet with any of our investigators this week, and we didn't find anybody to teach. But a lot of that Elder Hunt and I attribute to the fact that we weren't able to work in our area for 3 days! So that was interesting.

Monday was just a regular P Day. We started out by knocking a fairly long street as well as contacting a few people who are interested in learning. We set up some appointments for this upcoming week, so that's something to look forward to! :)

Tuesday was an Antigonish day. It was a little slower, but we street contacted and knocked, so that was a lot of fun. :) Many of the young people are starting to move out west for the summertime, which is disappointing...but there are still a lot living here still. :)

Wednesday was funny. After District Meeting, we had a really good opportunity to serve a nonmember named Donald. He wanted help with his wood cutting, so Elder Hunt was able to use the chainsaw and I split some wood. It was a good time. We aren't even close to finishing, and we probably won't help him much after this for the sake of time, but we are trying to get the Priesthood to help out with it. We shall see.

Thursday was our trip to Moncton, which lasted the entire day.

The rest of the week was simply working! We did our best to try and find new investigators, and we are set up for a strong week this next week. :)

I loved Jeffrey R. Holland's talk from this recent General Conference. It really rang true to me. We must continue to look forward and God will always bless us. I know that this is true. I love this gospel, it's helped me out so much!

I love you all as well!

Elder Wanlass

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