Monday, May 16, 2016

Elder Bennett and the Newfie Subway Card

Hello everybody! It's only been five days since the last emailing session due to last week being transfer week, but quite a bit has happened in the past few days, so I suppose I'll be able to share all of it!

First of all, on Wednesday, it was a pretty fun day. We went bowling with the Sister missionaries, ate lunch, and relaxed. It was a long P Day, but it was a good one. That Wednesday night we had a few area meetings on what we needed to do for our area, which was quite a lot of fun. :) Good things are happening here in New Glasgow!

On Thursday, we worked hard. We knocked quite a bit in Northern New Glasgow (Trenton) which was a lot of fun! Elder Hunt and I decided to knock a street that had been knocked within the last six months, and as it turns out, we picked up four potentials of all young families! It was amazing to see that the Lord puts people in our paths that are interested. We have an appointment tonight with one of those people! It'll be sweet! Other than that, we prepared ourselves for Friday. Elder Randall K. Bennett of the Seventy is planning on doing a mission tour this week, but before he did that, he wanted to meet with the Mission Leadership Council (Zone leaders and STL's and the Assistants) and talk to us all.

Friday we spent the morning in Dartmouth with Elder Bennett. Elder Kelley, one of my previous companions in Grand Falls, gave me a Subway Card from Sister Borden! It was so nice!! Anyway, on to Elder Bennett. He talked about a LOT of things. I learned MANY things. One thing that stuck out to me was that He felt like our mission didn't love the people as much as we could in our mission. There is a feeling of hard work, but without charity, or the pure love of Christ, we wouldn't be able to be as successful as God intends for us. It caused all of us to reflect on what we needed to do better, and I admit, that sometimes I am not as sincere as I should be in our missionary work. That night, Elder Hunt and I decided that we were going to focus on loving the people. We went to Pictou, Nova Scotia where we had a lesson with a potential investigator named Sara. We talked with her for a while about the church, and began teaching her the Restoration. In the middle of it, her younger sister named Tina came out. Tina was going to smoke, but when she saw us, she put out her cigarette and listened to the lesson. They both have been reading the Book of Mormon. I have a testimony that sincere love is what will make a difference in the work.

Saturday was a very rainy day. It just so happens that the one hour that we decided to knock was the rainiest hour of the day. Aside from that, we also helped one of our GatorAid families move some stuff from their basement. We also watched Stake Conference. :)

Sunday was a nice day, we were able to have a good correlation with Brother Mackinnon and the Sister missionaries. We sang for the people in one of the homes here in town. It was a good time. 

Well, thank all of you for reading this far. :)

I love you! (and I do mean it!)

Elder Wanlass

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