Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Well, I'm a Black Guy in Newfoundland!

Hey Everybody! Elder Wanlass here! Good things are happening here in Grand Falls. We had a pretty good week, and we found a new investigator. :) A., who I believe I mentioned last week, is her name. She is super cool, and is sincerely desiring to find truth! We taught her the restoration, and she was super sincere and wanted to know everything we taught. I have high hopes for her! 

Anyway, this week went by pretty quick. Not too much eventful stuff happened, but it was just a very well rounded and fun week.

We had a pretty good family home evening on Monday night with Sister King and Sister Borden. We played trouble and watched a few videos on lds.org. It was a fun activity.

Tuesday was an alright day. We worked hard and talked with a lot of people! :)

Wednesday We had District Meeting and found a couple of referrals that Sister Borden and Sister King had given to us. It was a lot of fun! :)

Thursday we had an exchange with the Paradise Elders. It was pretty good! I went with a newer missionary: Elder Julian, and Elder Kelley went with Elder Dudley. Elder Julian is a funny guy. He is from Ontario, and is a visa missionary who is leaving next week to go to Anaheim, California, as in Disneyland! So that's pretty neat. He is loving it out here in Newfoundland. We were able to talk to quite a few people who were interested. I felt like we should walk down a particular street when we were together. Tucker Ave. Tucker is considered to be "Sketch Row" by past missionaries because of some of the people who live there. As we walked through, a guy yelled: "Are you the men who give the free money?" then when we said no, he said: "Oh! You're giving out salvation!" His name was Orin, and he was a black guy. The conversation led to God and how he had helped him in his life and his answer was priceless: "Well, I'm a Black Guy in Newfoundland! That's how he's blessed me." For those who don't know, I've seen like 5 black people since I've been to Newfoundland, so it's not very common. :)

Otherwise, Elder Julian and I taught A., which went well.

Friday was an interesting day, not much happened, but it was a good day.

Saturday was a pretty dramatic day with members, but it's all been sorted out, so that's good. Being the two Priesthood holders in an area is tough sometimes!!

Sunday we had a smaller day at church today. Only 11 people were there due to sickness, but hopefully this next week we will be able to see success. :)

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Wanlass

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