Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Brown Ave Talk n 'Walk n' Knock

Hello everybody. This is Elder Wanlass. Things have been slow going up here in Grand Falls-Windsor. We didn't end up getting to teach a lesson this week. Our investigator got headlice, so that's not fun :/ 

We are slowly seeing miracles happen here though. We had 13 people at sacrament this week, which is very good! But next week, we should be able to have 20 people come out, which is amazing! :) Considering when I first got here 11 people was amazing, this is simply astounding. If we can consistently get 20 people coming to church, we won't be using an apartment building at all! President wants us to expand so we can get a bigger space with more presence in the town. So that will be pretty sweet.

This last week was decent though. We ended up seeing decent success in finding potentials, but we just need to sit down and teach them!

One day I decided that we needed to just walk down Brown Avenue (which is one of the major streets in Grand Falls, notorious for the government housing) and talk with people who walk around. We decided to do it, and when we started, nobody was out because the wind was so bad. However, as we kept walking, a guy pulled over and talked with us. He said that he and his wife were interested in our church, and it turns out that we had knocked on their door before, and they said to come back, but they were busy a lot.

The next day we went to the house, and the lady answered the door and she was so excited because her boyfriend is in the hospital in Gander and he is doing better now after she prayed to God. It made her think of us, and now she and her daughter want to learn. However, it was the same lady, but the guy who stopped us was not her husband...weird, but they're interested! Miracle! :)

Anyway, thanks everybody for all your support. I wanted to close by testifying that I do know that this gospel is true. Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I love him. I love the prophets and apostles that have testified of Him in our day! I know that as we continue to serve and look for ways that we can improve, He will guide us and enlighten our understanding! I've come so far in my testimony!!

Love you all!

Elder Wanlass

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