Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stephenville-The USA of Newfoundland

Hello everybody! This is Elder Wanlass! :) It's been a pretty good week here in Grand Falls, we've had some good times, and it's been fun. This week we were traveling all over the place. It was so crazy! On Monday we started off by having a good P day here in Grand Falls. Nice and relaxing. 

Tuesday we went all the way up to Corner Brook and spent some time with Elder Balle and my former companion Elder Dooley. It was pretty fun. Elder Kelley went with Elder Dooley and they worked in Corner Brook for the whole day. Elder Balle and I then hopped in the car and traveled another hour to a town called Stephenville. Stephenville is a pretty neat place, when I first had heard about it I thought it was going to be a small Newfoundland community of like 300 people, but it turns out that it is nearly 10,000 people. It felt like it was busier than Grand Falls, which was pretty cool. Elder Balle and I tried to contact some of the members who were out there, and we also were able to talk with quite a few people who were walking around town. Because missionaries don't go there very often, we were able to meet with several people who were interested in learning more about the church! How neat! After a while, the snow was getting pretty bad, so we hopped in our shiny white van and headed back to Corner Brook. We then knocked a little around town. Choncho, (our van) had a difficult time getting up some of the steep slopes in Corner Brook, so we got stuck a couple of times. As we slid down one hill, we were able to turn onto a different street, and this older man came over to talk with us. As it turns out, he was from Ontario and he had recently moved up to Newfoundland. He had met with missionaries down there before, so that was really neat. We were able to get his contact information, and hopefully the missionaries will be able to teach him! :D

Wednesday we had to drive back to Grand Falls and we worked for the rest of the day. 

Thursday we spent all day with the Assistants in Grand Falls. We were able to talk about the area and learn what we can do to better improve our work here.

Friday we had zone training, and we had a training we were asked to do. :) It went decently well overall, and I loved the chance to be able to offer what I know to other missionaries.

Saturday we had to catch up on planning. So that was fun. We also got to meet with several less actives to see if they would be able to come to church. We also knocked into a seventh Day Adventist Bible Study, where they gladly invited us in to learn with them. They were nice people, and apparently the Seventh Day Adventist Church is even smaller here than ours is, which I guess is reassuring?

Not sure :) haha! Such nice people though.

Sunday was a pretty good day! We had two less active members come and a former investigator who wants to start coming back, so that's really exciting. We had 12 people at church, but soon enough we will be able to start getting 20 coming consistently each week. Wahoo!!!

Anyway, that is the general synopsis of what we did this week, I hope that you all have a great week! :D

Elder Wanlass 

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