Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Zombie Apocalypse Style Halloween

Hey everybody, this is Elder Wanlass! It's been a busy week this week! We had a good time preparing Sandra for baptism! She is doing so well, and she loved gospel principles this week. :)

On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders so that they could interview her. It was a good interview, from what I understand, and she was definitely ready for baptism. Elder Edge interviewed her, and he said: "I was going to ask her to bear her testimony at the end, but she kind of did through the whole interview, so I just thought she was ready." Sandra is such a gr

I had some weird experiences knocking with Elder Edge too. We ran into a guy who told us he worshiped Hitler, a man who said he was already a part of a cult in his past and that he didn't want to join another one, a girl answer the door in a robe, and an old lady who screamed at us through her door. So that was strange... We had an adventure I suppose. :)

We had a few appointments fall through again, unfortunately, which happens. Oh well.

Craig is doing well, we had a really spiritual restoration lesson with him and he accepted a baptismal date, so that was fantastic!

On Halloween night, we went to our apartment, boarded up all the doors, turned off all the lights, and looked outside at all the people dressed in costumes. We are kind of in a sketchier place in St. Stephen, so....that could have been interesting. Luckily nobody came to the apartment. We also watched Meet the Mormons and made some calls. Hence the Zombie Apocalypse :)

Anyway, the rest of this week was fairly slow, and we didn't have much else happen. We are trying to find people to teach. :) It's a slow but rewarding process. I'll let you all know how the baptismal service goes next week. :)

Our awesome investigator Sandra. 

Here is our updated District picture!!  

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