Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The PreBaptism Week

Hello everybody! This week was all over the place! We've had an insane amount of lessons fall through and quite a few that have happened. 'Tis the life of a missionary, I suppose. :) Anyway, we've had quite a bit of success as a district, this week we had 4 people come to sacrament! :) Sandra included! Sandra is doing so awesome right now, and she is progressing towards baptism. She only has a week and a half! AH! 

Aside from that, we've had a few other teaching experiences, one of them cool and the other kind of funny. The first one is member's boyfriend named Craig. We are teaching them the missionary lessons and they both were interested in doing that. It was pretty neat because we met at a ward activity, and now he is interested! :)

Anyway, the other teaching situation was supposed to be a guy in his 40's, but it turned into us teaching an 80 year old woman the Restoration. Our potential Brian wasn't around, but his mom was, so we taught her with Seb Sanford, one the Priests in our ward. It was a hard lesson for my voice, because every single time I spoke, she could barely hear me. After what was quite possibly the least spiritual recitation of the First Vision, we told her we would come back when her son was around. :) It was quite funny, but she was interested, she knew who we were and our purpose. 

Anyway, I love you all!

I'll have more to say next week I think. Also, one of the members here read their talk off of a Nintendo 3DS because they left there iPad at home.... so that was EPIC.

Have a fanTASTic Week Everybody! You better believe that I will!

Elder Wanlass

 A "Maine" party!  This included Moxie soda, Whoopie pies, ketchup chips and red hot dogs.  All things Maine.
 Elder Gardner

My parents sent me some new shoes!

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