Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey everybody! Elder Wanlass here. :) It's been a pretty good week, but even more exciting is that it is transfer week! 

President Pratt came to my district meeting this week, which was nice. I loved having him there! He is an awesome Mission President. :)

I'm going to Grand Falls, Newfoundland! It's pretty crazy, and was unexpected since I had only been in St. Stephen for a short time. I'm pretty excited though! I've heard a lot of cool things about my area, and it should be a lot of fun. :) I'm the only one in St. Stephen who is leaving, so it will be sad.

I've had a lot of good times in the area, but I'm pretty excited to serve in a new province. :) It's going to be so much fun! :D

Some fun facts about Grand Falls:
There are only 6 people who attend church (including us)
Our church is an apartment building :)
I'm four hours from the nearest missionaries.
It is the zone leader area in Newfoundland.

I'm super excited :) We are going to see a lot of success. It's going to be so much fun. I've got to go, but thanks for reading this short entry.

 Grand Falls, Newfoundland...I will be flying over.

 President and Sister Pratt came to visit our District this past week.

The McAteer's are the best!  I will miss them.

Sister McAteer made me sign a contract before she cut my hair.

Elder Gardner has been a great companion.

Brother Murphy is a carver.

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