Monday, March 9, 2015

The King of Caribou

Hello Everybody! Another week has come and gone! They just seem to be moving faster and faster with each one that leaves! This week overall went alright, but on Sunday we had a super great day of work, filled with lessons, people came to sacrament, and we just felt a lot better about everything! So, 5 weeks later, we are back to transfers. Essentially, what is happening is.... I'm staying in Caribou for yet another transfer! :) I'm actually really surprised, not many people stay in area-rs this long. Elder Beacham will be staying with me, but along with that, I'm actually going to be a District Leader for the Maine areas! How crazy! When a missionary stays in an area long enough, they become the King of that area, and that is happening to me with this transfer! How exciting!
As for the Sisters, Sister Smith is trading places with Sister Leak in Houlton, ME, so she will still be in our district. Sister Fenn, on the other hand, is going all the way to Newfoundland! What a change! It's sad to say goodbye, but I'm looking forward to the changes, because I know they are inspired by Heavenly Father. Sister Creager will be coming in place of her in Presque Isle. My mom and her mom grew up in the same neighborhood, so that's neat!
This week overall has been relatively bland compared to the last few. Elder Beacham got sick, so the work was a little harder to do, but I still worked on things, so that was good.
Omar is doing fantastic! We had several lessons with him throughout the week, and they went really well. He was actually invited by the Elders' Quorum to come to the temple trip on April 11, and he is super pumped for it! We had a lesson after church this Sunday talking more about their purpose, what they do, and what they are like. He's loved the whole thing, and I'm so happy that he is getting baptized soon! :)
The YSA has become very strong down here, between the members, Omar, interaction with Houlton youth, and the returning missionaries, it has grown a lot since I first started my mission here. I hope that we will be able to continue finding those that are prepared to hear more about the gospel, and I know that the Lord is constantly leading us to those people that need our help.
We found a couple new investigators. One is named Ian, he is a member's boyfriend, and he's a really cool kid. He is interested in the Book of Mormon, and we had a short lesson with him on Monday about what it is and how we can know if it is true or not. Truly, conversion begins from reading and pondering the Book of Mormon. We also met with this lady named Christy, and her husband doesn't really like Jesus Christ. I don't even know how that is possible, but okayyyyy. We will see how that one goes, but she seems nice and open to learning more. We shall see.
Anyhow, this week has been good! Sorry this letter is a little shorter, I don't have as much to talk about, but I will talk more next week for sure! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Wanlass

Sister Fenn, Sister Smith, Elder Beacham, me and our awesome group of friends from the Caribou/Presque Isle Ward.

The Baser Family

The Morrow's gecko

The Harmony Bluff Ward (my home ward) Laurels sent me letters.  That was a fun surprise!

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