Sunday, October 2, 2016

Elder Wanlass and the Multicolored White Shirt

August 15, 2016

Hello everybody! Elder Wanlass here in cloudy Charlottetown this week! :) I'm serious, it has been rainy and cloudy pretty much this whole week, it's crazy! Summer in the maritimes just isn't the same as it is down in poor Utah, that's for sure. At least it's only like 19 degrees Celsius here.

Anyway, this week was pretty good. We taught a lot of crazy people this week, and a couple of the investigators that we picked up last week we will no longer be teaching because they are a little odd/they've moved, so that's fun. For starters, one investigator we tried to drop by and his brother (who was unaccountable) answered the door and said that he was drinking a quart of vodka each day for the past four days, and that he was moving to Alberta to find work, so that was kind of odd. 

Monday was a sweet day. We taught three lessons to different investigators, and two of them were brand new! One is named M. We met him at Tim Horton's and taught him the Restoration, and he was super grateful to have a Book of Mormon. After that we taught a lady named T (who isn't able to meet anymore due to health) but she was really cool and we shared how the gospel could help her and her family, and then we taught another guy. It was just a really cool to just have three lessons in one night. I felt like a Utah missionary or something.

Tuesday was a pretty good day, we had a zone conference where we learned about different planning skills and different tools that we can use to help our members get more involved in missionary work. It was pretty good. I got to say hello to several missionaries I know one last time, and we got to bear our "Final Testimonies." It was super weird, because I remember some of the missionaries when I got in the field bore their final testimonies, and I thought it was forever away. The mission is such an amazing experience to grow and really get yourself on the right track in life. I've loved learning about the gospel continuously. It's so important to me.

Wednesday was a pretty hardworking day. We just went out and talked with people. We had one guy who we dropped by that the sisters had given us as a potential, and when we went by he invited us right in. He was pretty religious, and seemed pretty open to start, but as we started teaching some of the message of the Restoration, he got really weird with some of his opinions. He kept comparing his relationship to God as a marriage and wasn't really making a lot of sense. So that was a lot of fun! I learned we need to have a strong personal relationship with God. :)

Thursday was just NOT my day. It was super rainy outside, and that made it really hard for us to street contact. As the day went on, we decided that we needed to grab rain jackets, now, I don't have a rain jacket, but there have been several missionaries who have left rain jackets in our apartment since they've went home. So I took one of them and put it on. It was a pretty nice jacket...then we went out into the rain. As we were knocking, Elder Ashby asked me why there was blue on my shoulder, and I didn't know what he meant, so I took off the jacket and my whole back was a colorful mess. I was not happy...but I dealt with it. :) haha!

Friday was our planning day. Fun times! We also got a new investigator who is super solid and is planning on coming to church this next week. So that's exciting.

Saturday and Sunday were just great days for the work. We found several potentials and have a couple lessons set up with them this coming week. It's a good time. I love doing missionary work so much! :)

Thanks everybody for reading my entry this week! I love you :)

Elder Wanlass

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