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June 27, 2016

Hello friends, family, and every other person who is reading this! It has been quite the eventful five days. :) After emailing last week, I packed up all of my stuff and we drove to Truro that night so I could be picked up by the transfer van. After that, I was swiftly taken over to Moncton, and then we drove to Charlottetown from their. It is so beautiful here. The drive was pretty scenic, and I loved crossing the Confederation Bridge. It took about twenty minutes, and their wasn't any traffic. :) It was pretty cool to look out and see the ocean all around us. I definitely wouldn't want to drive on it during a storm. :) 

PEI is pretty neat. The dirt is red here for whatever reason, and the grass is super green! :) It makes for a beautiful contrast. I love it so much! It feels like I've stepped back in time as we drive through the countryside. It's so neat because even though Charlottetown is the capital city of PEI, it still doesn't feel super big, except for in the downtown. We street contact a lot, which is kind of a novelty for me. I am not super used to it, but it's growing on me. Usually we have to find people to talk to in the first place, but now people are just appearing everywhere.

It's pretty cool because a lot of people are immigrants from other countries here as well. My companion Elder Von Trapp is something of a language enthusiast. He is assigned to be a French missionary, but speaks English, and a number of other languages. He always speaks to people in their native language, which is pretty cool.

Right now we are teaching a Chinese family. It's pretty interesting, because the ward here has some members from other cultures here too. There is one member from Taiwan that speaks Mandarin who translates for us when we teach Chinese people. It's pretty interesting. We would teach a point of doctrine super simply, and then the member would expound on what we were teaching in Chinese. It is different, but pretty cool. :)

Anyway, that's been our week! Hopefully we will be teaching more this upcoming week. We will work hard and make it happen! :)

Love you all!

Elder Wanlass

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