Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We Are at Your Service!

Good day everybody! It's been quite a fast week! We did a lot of work and ended up finding more people to teach that want to get baptized! It's been great! :) On my birthday we ended up teaching two lessons and getting 5 referrals from members. It was so great! My birthday was definitely a successful day, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Not too many picture worthy things happened this week, so I don't have any pictures to give...plus it might be a little shorter as well.

I convinced the sister missionaries to make me another planner. I told them to make me an adventure planner, so they made it a treasure map! Check it out!

Aside from that, we had some other fun things happen. The Bishop's kids invited us over for a game night at their house, and they invited three non-member friends for us to teach a lesson to. It was good, none of them were interested, but they were all friendly and we had a good time at the game night regardless of that. Sometimes people aren't always interested right out of the gate, but it will take time before they will show interest.

I suppose I could explain the title of my email. We did quite a bit of service this week. More than we usually get to. We helped do some weeding for the town for the "Communities in Bloom" Event for Sussex. We also helped out at the Food bank on Thursday and met a few people who said that they were interested in meeting up with us, so that's good! Other than that, we've either been knocking, teaching, street contacting, or calling people..so that's pretty much been our week. :) We also had a couple miracles happen.

So we were searching for a former investigator because we found out that they had moved. So we asked some members where to go and they gave us instructions to go to church street. We went over there and asked around for this person, and we were told she moved to Main street...so we went over to main street and started knocking. As we did, we ran into Vanessa. Vanessa is a lady who has never been religious, but she had a desire to learn more. We went over on Saturday night to meet with her, and it turns out that her boyfriend and their two kids were also there, so we taught them all together. We invited them to be baptized, and Vanessa enthusiastically said yes, along with her 8 year old son. Stephen isn't sure quite yet, but we are meeting them throughout this week, so hopefully we will see good things happen.

We also found another family who wants to learn more about the church as well! things are going so good! :) The work will always move forward, it is comforting to know that. :)

I love you all, we will continue to work as hard as possible, to bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ :)

Elder Wanlass

My planner that the Sister Missionaries made for me!

Serving in the community.

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