Monday, May 4, 2015

Elder Wanlass and Elder Dooley's Accidental Mudding Adventure

This week was quite the week to be honest! We had a few adventures, we saw a lot of success, and we talked to quite a lot of people here in Hampton! We've been able to see a couple of miracles, and the work is definitely progressing as we've been working hard.

We started teaching one young girl named Narissa. She is 14, and her grandpa is very active in the church down in Saint John, one of the biggest cities in New Brunswick. We were on Facebook, and we decided to send her a message. As it turns out, she had never officially talked with the missionaries before, but she knows all of the lessons, wants to get baptized, and it was amazing to hear! We invited her to attend church this Sunday, and she did end up coming. She really loves church, and it was quite a miracle that we even got a chance to teach her in the first place! We committed her to baptism on the 30th, her parents should be okay with it, according to her, but we are going to talk with them this week and figure out exactly what the situation is.

We also had the opportunity to teach one interesting man...his name is Russell, we got him as a referral from one of the members here in Hampton. They had picked him up hitchhiking and he lived in the middle of nowhere (literally) so we, being the missionaries we are, headed out to find him. We got to cross the river on a ferry! Which was AWESOME! We then went along the river to where this man's house was, which was on a giant hill. It looked abandoned. I knew that if this man was home, he would have either shot us or let us right in. Luckily, for us it was the latter. We talked with him about religion, and the man essentially agreed with everything we were telling him regarding the restoration of the gospel. We then showed him the Book of Mormon and encouraged him to read from it. I believe he will! He seemed to take it nicely. Then...he got out this New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures filled with Jehovah's witness pamphlets and said that they made a lot of sense to him. I asked him afterwards if I could have them, and he gave me most of them. The good news is he doesn't have them anymore :)

We are getting ready to cross the ferry.

This week Elder Dooley and I were driving over to Sussex, one of the members told us to go down a specific path, so we did. Turns out that the road turned out to be more of a trail. And boy was it muddy! We had to drive a few miles through it, and at the end...the trail was covered in snow. So we had to turn back across the muddy and dreary trail and make it back on to the road. A FFLA (funfilledlearningadventure) at its finest.

Aside from that, we did a lot of other aspects of missionary work. :) A lot of people have not been contacted in this area for a very long time, so I've been trying as hard as I can to talk with everybody that I see, because I know that they are all children of God. The message we share is not hopeless. It is the work of God and it is to change the World. :) I'm here to be the best missionary I can be, and to give my whole self to this work.  I love this gospel. I love my Savior Jesus Christ!

I love you all! Have a great week! :)

One last picture before the big transfer.

Elder Dooley and I in Hampton, New Brunswick.

"Mudding Adventures"

The beautiful area of Sussex.

Trees...lots and lots of trees.

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