Monday, April 13, 2015

Potentially My Last Week in Caribou :(

Good day everybody! This is Elder Wanlass in Canada at the moment! Things have been going well here in Caribou, we've seen so many miracles, we've picked up new investigators, and we have just seen so many blessings come from keeping the Lord's commandments and constantly doing his will.

As for this week in general, we were so blessed. I actually have to get going soon...My mom will copy my stories over from her email :) I am running out of time on the email time. But I love you all, and wish you all the best!

**Here are the stories that Elder Wanlass shared with his family.**

This week was really good for us and our investigators! We met with Kenny Carmichael again, and he came to church this week as well! So cool! He really has a strong desire to come to Christ, and he is at a stage in his life that he really could be baptized! Kathy Lyons also attended church this week with John, and they both really seemed to enjoy it! I think that we will start teaching them the lessons, they seemed open to having us over.  So that's good! :)

This week we also stumbled into an older lady who had investigated the church a while back. We were knocking on a street searching for a referral, and when we knocked on her house she shouted! "It's the Mormies! Come on in!" Her name is Lois. She said that she almost got baptized a while back, but decided against it because of smoking. She seems open though, and who knows, maybe she is ready now! We also had a super neat miracle yesterday with a new investigator named Eric Peterson. I may have told part of this story before, but I'm going to tell the whole thing because it is pretty cool! :)

Elder Beacham was searching through the apartment, and out of the blue he found this record under a pile of books in our apartment for Eric Peterson. Now, we didn't know how much potential he had, because when we called him his mom said she would get back to us. The next week we were at the Judd's (some awesome member's) and they gave us a referral for their next door neighbor. We went and contacted them, and as it turns out, the mom of Eric answered and gave us his information! By another miracle, we were able to get a lesson set up with him, and he said that this was a good time in his life, and he agreed to baptism!

Elder Wanlass :)

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