Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Want His Beard...

Well, January came and went! :) The beginning of the week we were preparing for transfers, so we didn't end up getting in with any of our investigators. It was really too bad. However, we did meet a really nice lady that came up to me and Elder Knowles. She said "Hey! I went to Salt Lake by the temple during a conference thing, and it was the most peace I've ever felt in my life." When I tried to continue the conversation, she said "Oh! I'm devout Catholic, but I just thought I would let you know!" It was pretty funny, but cool at the same time. :) People love us here in Caribou.

For travel plans this week for transfers, we went to Fredericton, NB and stayed the night. It was really cool, because we got to stay with the Zone Leaders, Elder Tusa and Torrie. I think I've mentioned them before, but in case I haven't, Elder Tusa is from Australia, and he and Elder Knowles were both going home together. Elder Torrie has one more transfer left, and then he goes home. Crazy! Anyway, Instead of driving to Halifax, (7 hour drive) I got to stay in Fredericton during the day with Elder Torrie and work on things, while Tusa and Knowles both drove to Moncton, NB.

Elder Torrie and I had a lot of fun. We are both pretty similar, and love missionary work, studying the gospel, and our personalities are just similar! He taught me a lot of things while I worked with him, and I really enjoyed his advice and spending time with him.

So now, I got a new companion, straight from the MTC! His name is Elder Beacham. He is from Salem, UT, loves to fish, hunt, camp, hike, and has a heart of gold. I can really tell that he has a sincere desire to serve God, and I'm glad that he is my companion. He is a farm boy, so he has no qualms working as hard as he can. Which is exactly how I am, so that's good.

So his first night, we contacted a couple potential investigators. Neither of them were interested, but they both liked the missionaries, so that's cool. We also had the chance to get in contact with people who wanted to do lessons with us. One thing that was kind of funny, I visited a less active member that I had taught a few months ago. We went into his house, and talked about a couple things. He then just started to talk about a bunch of anti, and how he had a lot of doubts....and I was like. "Well, yeah, what do you expect?" I then was able to bear a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and our purpose as missionaries. He admitted he knew the Book of Mormon was true... but he refused to listen. His mom said that she never wanted us to come back and that we really needed to think and pray about the "Mormon religion". It was funny. :) Good first night for Elder Beacham!

The next day we ended up finding 4 new potential investigators, through former records and street contacting. It was pretty cool, and Elder Beacham is doing really well! He knows how to talk to people, and it was good to have him around. We are getting this work done! We received a referral from a member. She wasn't sure if he wanted to learn more about the church, or if he just wanted to debate. Well, we decided to go for it, and we went and contacted him, and he invited us right in, and talked about how he is having a hard time with things in his life. He said he wanted to come to our church, and to take the lessons. Awesome! His name is Dan, and I know that as we teach him, he will be able to feel happier and come closer to Christ. It was a really cool experience.

On Sunday, we had a good day at church, and we focused a lot on Elder Beacham's training. It went well! :) There are so many good families in this ward, and I'm glad that he is here to start his mission! Good things are happening here in Caribou! :)

I should elaborate on why I put the title "I want his Beard..." Elder Beacham was talking about how he wanted to grow a beard. And he was trying to describe it to me. He found a picture of Jesus from the passalong cards and said. "I want his beard." I literally laughed forever,.

Love you all,

Elder Wanlass

One of our last times with Elder Knowles.

Saying goodbye to Elder Knowles before he heads home to Logan.

Elder Torrie and I are mission companions for the day.  Both of our companions were headed home. 

Here is my new companion, Elder Beacham.  He is from Salem, UT and just came from the MTC.

Here is the beard that Elder Beacham is thinking about growing after his mission.

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