Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That was Easy....

Well, my friends, another week has rolled around! I can't believe how fast time has gone by! This week admittedly, was a little tough. A lot of our lessons had fallen through, so that left us with a lot of time to find people instead. It was actually pretty fun. We have been calling formers and also talking to people in restaurants, gas stations, stores. It can lead to a lot of interesting questions. People usually think we are the Jehovah's Witnesses, but then once we tell them that we aren't they are put at ease a little bit, so that is good.
Because times can get tough on a mission, I decided for the heck of it to buy an 'Easy' Button, and at the end of a hard day, I can get a little chuckle out of it. It really works! :)
Aside from that, we did the usual stuff, we played speedball, served at the Food Pantry, I'm getting pictures for those places next week :) So stay tuned!
One other really cool thing I've seen here recently is they sell live lobsters up here in Maine. Right out of the tank! So cool! :) For the sake of it, I bought myself a stuffed Lobster with 'Maine' printed on the side.
As far as our investigators go, we have a couple that are pretty solid. A. is a member's fiance, and he has questions about religion in general, and I feel that in the future he will be able to baptized. He accepts everything we say, so that's good. We just got to keep him coming to church! Another one is named A. , and he seems like he can be baptized really soon! I believe that he could be.
Aside from those things, I would like to talk a bit about "The Spirit of Elijah." (Malachi 4:5-6)  One thing our mission president wants us to do is fill out our own family history booklet and think a lot about our ancestors. As some of you might know, I have a lot of ancestors that lived in my mission boundaries. As I looked at my family tree, and saw some of my relatives that lived around here, I realized that the Lord wants me to find somebody out here. It really helps keep me going when times can get tough. My Heavenly Father knows who he has called, and he has called me here. I know that as I continue to work hard, I can feel of my Heavenly Father's love even more. Have a great week everybody! :)

Maine lobster

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