Monday, January 12, 2015

Nondescript Title and a Good Week!

Hello everyone! :) This week went pretty well overall, and we saw a lot of miracles and exciting things happen! I just didn't know what to put for the title of this email, to be honest... well, let's see how this goes!

This week we played an awesome game of speedball! I scored like 7 points, which is really good for me! :) The sister missionaries played this week too, which ended up being a lot of fun! There was like twenty-ish people there, members and was a lot of fun! :D

Later on in the week we had the zone leaders stop by for visits, which went pretty well! Their names are Elder Torrie and Elder Tusa. Elder Torrie is from Alberta, Canada, and Elder Tusa is from Australia! It was pretty cool to work with both of them, and we got a lot done.

I had a couple cool experiences this week. As I've mentioned, our mission President has encouraged us to use our area book and Facebook together to find people to teach, and this week using it I've found three people who wanted to receive the missionary lessons! One of their names was Jenni, and I added her on facebook. I started talking to her, and I asked her if she had talked to missionaries from our church before, she said no! So I added somebody with the same name, but it was an entirely different person! She's a single mother, so the sisters are going to be the ones to teach her, but it was still really cool to have that happen!

Another miracle that happened occurred on Saturday. We were buying gas at one of the gas stations, and when we went in to pay, the cashier asked us if we knew Sie (one of the members of our church). When we said yes, the guy said that he worked with him in the kitchen at his other job. We continued to talk to him for a bit, and I gave him a pass-a-long card. I didn't think anything was going to arise from it, but the next day the sister visited Sie, and he said that his friend from work sounded interested in our church! It was so cool to here! It's true, you never know who will be interested in learning more about the gospel. We have so many potential lessons that could arise for next week! I'll let you know how things go! :D

Thank you all for your support! Sorry this letter wasn't as long as the past few, I'm a little sick at the moment. I should be better next week, but until then, I love you all! :)

The Magestic Caribou (and Nathan)

I told you the Mandeville's have a pig.  His name is Fernando, and he was super calm this week so I was able to take a picture.

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